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Every time I flush  the toilets, I think how much I appreciate your prompt service and how well both of them are working now.

 Thank you again, Dorothy

Mr. Barrett arrived on time and had all of the necessary equipment to complete all phases of the job. He suggested a way of positioning the water and drain which we had not thought of, which made access to the on/off and drain much easier. He cut into the drywall (neatly) and began with providing the hot and cold water. The faucets were placed on either side of the wall studs and secured, the drain was positioned between and reinforced. The electrical outlets for the washer and dryer was placed adjacent to the water for easy access from behind the stackable units. The drain ran across the ceiling in the basement and joined into the main, he replaced the old black drain pipe and cleaned up the routing of the drain. The electrical connection was secured across the ceiling through the joists. The job was completed with very little mess and he explained why he did things the way he did quite well.

Very good. Very prompt, was thorough, did a great job and cleaned up area after working. Will definitely use him again!

Had damage from a storm in September. Replaced chain link fence and guard rail and installed motion dector lights outside. Very prompt and professional. I also had issues with my front door not closing as it should. He made slight adjustments to my door (minor repair) and did not even charge me for it. I would use him again in the future. Very good handman.

The mailbox had been hit this winter from the snow plows and needed re-enforcement. I had two door frames that needed repair and Mr Barrett suggested that I take the inside wood work from my closets so everything would match and I would not have to buy wood and stain which saved me money. I was very pleased with everything he did, especially with the door and window frames. Mr Barrett was very professional, timely and friendly, he had all the repairs completed by mid afternoon which also included painting the bathroom. I would not hesitate to hire him again for further jobs.

All his work was well done and he was nothing but a professional. I wil definitely use his services again.

A tree had broken the window in our garage door and hired him just to try him out because we had such a bad experience with the guy that did our driveway and sidewalk. We hired him on a trial basis and were so happy with the job he did and it was so inexpensive. He was so conscientious that we hired him back a number of times and it was almost we became addicted to him. We pretty much to redo our entire kitchen and paint our dinning room and kitchen. The neat thing about him is that we have an older house that has a drop down ironing board and he asked us if have an iron and I said we don’t and he said I did think because most people don’t anymore. He said I see you cook a lot and I said I did and he asked me if I wanted him to make that into a spice rack and I asked him how much and he said $3. IT turned out amazing and he was really creative suggesting improvements, but not being pushy. He is such a down to earth guy and I felt real comfortable leaving him in my house and going out. I couldn’t be happier with him. He is not a licensed electrician, but I had a big hole in my kitchen from where the previous owners were. He put in like an installed microwave for me and sealed and trimmed the hole and put recess lightening in there and I paid about $100 for that. We employed him for almost 2 months. He doesn’t do tile and roofing, but almost anything else he does.